SAJ Holding Sdn. Bhd.
Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) Holdings is an integrated water supply company, involved in the full cycle of a drinking water supply system from sourcing of raw water, treatment and distribution of treated water to consumers right up to billing and collection.

SAJ Services as below:

—Application for Water Supply 
—Disconnection of Water Supply 
—Reconnection of Water Supply 
—Request For Water Meter Testing 
—Procedure in Handling Complaints  e-Billing 

SAJ is one of our customers , using Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and Call Center System (CCS).

•CTI integrate with any web based Customer Relationship Management Software.
•Opens the customer record from CTI, with a single click of a button!.
•Easily configures Database, Table, Query, Server and Agent settings using our CTI Wizard!.
•CTI Screen Popup as the “population” of caller information on a call Agent’s computer screen during the processing of a phone call.
•CTI Screen Popup can occur while answering an incoming call.
•CTI Screen Popup describes the fact that caller information appears to “pop-up” on the Agents screen when a call is processed.

•Routes incoming calls to free agents.
•Place incoming callers into a queue.
•Plays holding messages to encourage callers not to hang up.
•Routes callers that are queuing to free agents.
•Integration to a real-time call center management system.
•Improves customer service.
•Reduces Customer attrition.
•Lowers the cost of sales.
•Enhances competitiveness.
•Central monitoring of your call center.

SAJ Holdings Sdn.


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