Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad.
SAMB is a company that role in the management of State Water Malacca and responsible service in water treatment and distribution in this state.
In a nutshell, the reform aims to improve the efficiency of the water services sector for the benefit of the people as well as to maintain the sustainability of this important resource.

SAMB is one of our customers , using Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and Call Center System (CCS).

•CTI integrate with any web based Customer Relationship Management Software.
•Opens the customer record from CTI, with a single click of a button!.
•Easily configures Database, Table, Query, Server and Agent settings using our CTI Wizard!.
•CTI Screen Popup as the “population” of caller information on a call Agent’s computer screen during the processing of a phone call.
•CTI Screen Popup can occur while answering an incoming call.
•CTI Screen Popup describes the fact that caller information appears to “pop-up” on the Agents screen when a call is processed.

•Routes incoming calls to free agents.
•Place incoming callers into a queue.
•Plays holding messages to encourage callers not to hang up.
•Routes callers that are queuing to free agents.
•Integration to a real-time call center management system.
•Improves customer service.
•Reduces Customer attrition.
•Lowers the cost of sales.
•Enhances competitiveness.
•Central monitoring of your call center.

Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad


TEL : 606-2921758/59/60 | FAX :606-2819439 GOOGLE MAP : SAMB


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