TM International Netcare
Telekom Malaysia Berhad is the largest telecommunication company in Malaysia.  TM International Netcare is the largest and most comprehensive provider of communication services in Malaysia and one of Asia’s primary players in the Telecommunications Industry.
TM International Netcare runs a global network infrastructure that spans across the world. They offer a wide range of products and services comprising of data, bandwidth and voice

TM International Netcare is one of our customers , using Centium Computer Call Center System (CCS).

•Routes incoming calls to free agents.
•Place incoming callers into a queue.
•Plays holding messages to encourage callers not to hang up.
•Routes callers that are queuing to free agents.
•Integration to a real-time call center management system.
•Improves customer service.
•Reduces Customer attrition.
•Lowers the cost of sales.
•Enhances competitiveness.
•Central monitoring of your call center.

TM International Netcare


TEL : 22638888  FAX : 22638822

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